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RapidACCESS™ products, based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, are being used to provide everything from automated, controlled access to accurate, electronic collection of parking and toll fees - resulting in significant time and money savings.

By combining this leading-edge technology with sophisticated software for billing, reporting, and revenue collection, RapidACCESS™ is able to provide cost and time efficiency to toll operators, parking garage operators, gated community managers, and corporate and municipal parking facilities.

Traditional manual or mechanical systems require drivers to stop, roll down their windows, swipe a magnetic/barcode stripe card, wave a proximity card, pick-up parking receipt,  to gain access.  In contrast, RapidACCESS™ non-stop system lets vehicles flow quickly through gates and controlled entrances, or spotting stations at full highway speed.

RFID, Presensi Canggih Muktamar Seabad

UMY 1 ABAD w/ RFIDYogyakarta - Ada yang berbeda ketika peserta Muktamar Muhammadiyah ke-46 ini hendak memasuki ruang sidang. Mereka tak perlu lagi antri tanda tangan daftar kehadiran. Panitia Penerima Muktamar telah memasang sistem penanda kehadiran dengan menggunakan Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Hal ini membuat peserta sidang cukup berjalan seperti biasa melewati mesin pendeteksi dan namanya akan secara otomatis masuk daftar kehadiran. Para peserta Muktamar pun merasakan teknologi ini sangat memudahkan.

RapidACCESS IC Gate - Access Control

RapidACCESS IC Gate RapidACCESS IC Gate, a reliable complete system of access control without constraint. We offer New Concept: The user does not need to show his badge to be detected and identified.

The access is free for all the authorized users, only those which are not authorized start an action (alarm, control, closing of access...)

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