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RapidACCESS™ products, based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, are being used to provide everything from automated, controlled access to accurate, electronic collection of parking and toll fees - resulting in significant time and money savings.

By combining this leading-edge technology with sophisticated software for billing, reporting, and revenue collection, RapidACCESS™ is able to provide cost and time efficiency to toll operators, parking garage operators, gated community managers, and corporate and municipal parking facilities.

Traditional manual or mechanical systems require drivers to stop, roll down their windows, swipe a magnetic/barcode stripe card, wave a proximity card, pick-up parking receipt,  to gain access.  In contrast, RapidACCESS™ non-stop system lets vehicles flow quickly through gates and controlled entrances, or spotting stations at full highway speed.

The Benefits

  • Non-stop, hands-free operation
  • Reduced traffic backup at entrances and exits
  • Increased personal security
  • Discreet control of security authorisation by identification
  • Low maintenance and repair costs
  • No ticket-issuing machines
  • No equipment in the lane that can be damaged by vehicles
  • Tags have a life of many years unless damaged – cannot be lost or wear out
  • Automated operation of remote or unmanned gates
  • Convenient access for the disabled
  • Automatic vehicle inventory monitoring
  • Automated fee collection
  • Intelligent access control, e.g. only certain vehicles can enter after hours
  • Optional Wiegand output from reader

Required Components

UHF Readers (RFD2X5X series).  The High Performance readers can be used mounted above the roadway (as in the picture above), or above an entrance to a building. 

UHF tags.  The UHF label tags are 170 x 10 mm in size, and are adhesively attached to the windscreen.  If attached correctly, they cannot be removed intact. For vehicles without windscreens, the Industrial vehicle tag or Industrial On-Metal tag can be used.  These are weather proof long range passive tags, and can be mounted onto body-work of the vehicle. 

Controller.  Required to control readers, receive ID numbers from the reader, and operate the access boom or gate and any other hardware devices, e.g. displays or alarms.  Depending on the design, the controller may upload the tag data to a network where the tag IDs are checked against a database or the controller may check against its own local database (Generic Wiegand controller). 

Network connection.  Unless the Controller contains a local database, a network connection will be required.  


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