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RapidACCESS IC Gate RapidACCESS IC Gate, a reliable complete system of access control without constraint. We offer New Concept: The user does not need to show his badge to be detected and identified.

The access is free for all the authorized users, only those which are not authorized start an action (alarm, control, closing of access...)

Operating at a frequency of 13.56 MHz, the RapidACCESS IC Gate antenna is specifically designed to meet access control requirements:

  • Trade, fair
  • Resort access (lifts, tow)
  • Building access
  • Stadium access
  • And every applications which need to control person’s entry or exit.

This elegant shaped antenna allows ISO Tags (credit card size) to be detected whatever their position is. It is what we called unconstrained access control.

It was designed so that visitors could pass without having to take their tag out and present it to the gate in a certain manner.

Now the employees or visitors just pass through the gate and are automatically detected and checked. Coupled with our readers, you get the best detection performances and obtain accurate, easy and unconstrained access control and data collection. The reader transmits information to the PC which allows the system to grant access or to deny it, and gives you precise countdown at the same time (the software development gives to this material infinite capabilities and options).

Key Features:

  • High-speed protocol
  • Long distance detection with ISO sized Tags.
  • Advanced anticollision algorithm (Patented)
  • Multi-protocol capabilities
  • Auto tuning Box (Patented)

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