Active RFID

Active RFID tags have their own internal power source, which is used to power the integrated circuits and broadcast the signal to the reader. Active tags are typically much more reliable (i.e. fewer errors) than passive tags due to the ability for active tags to conduct a "session" with a reader. Active tags, due to their onboard power supply, also transmit at higher power levels than passive tags, allowing them to be more effective in "RF challenged" environments like water (including humans/cattle, which are mostly water), metal (shipping containers, vehicles), or at longer distances, generating strong responses from weak requests (as opposed to passive tags, which work the other way around).

Typical applications of Active RFID Solutions:

  • ?Personnel / Vehicle Access Control
  • Body Temperatures of Patients & Babies Monitoring
  • ?Parking Lot Management
  • Conference Personnel Tracking
  • ?Fleet Monitoring
  • Temperature/Humidity/Sunshine Monitoring
  • ?Inventory Management
  • Personnel Tracking at Mining & Oil Rig
  • ?Container & Pallet Tracking
  • Personnel & Asset Tracking in Hospital
  • ?Manufacturing Line Management
  • Prison Inmate Tracking
  • ?Skids and Bins Tracking
  • Tourist Group Tracking

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Name SKU Price Thumbnail Image Description  
Active 2.4GHz Reader Writer RA2M07-Sx0 Call for Pricing RA2M07-Sx0 is an active RFID reader with operating frequency of 2.45GHz. It can be used for tracking people, vehicles, assets, as well as to read out sensor data from multiple remote sensors. Product Details
Active 2.45GHz "Dome" Reader RFA300VF Call for Pricing RFA300VF Active RFID "Dome" fixed reader operates in the 2.45 GHz band, with high-recognition, long-range, powerful, high- reliability & expandability, and other characteristics. Product Details
Active 2.45GHz Cargo Tag RFAT504-01 Call for Pricing RFAT504-01 active RFID tag operates in the 2.45 GHz band, with high-tension industrial structure, pressure resistance and high protective, which is suitable for access management of containers, container trucks and other large equipments. Product Details
Active 2.45GHz Personnel Tag RFAT505-01 Call for Pricing RFAT505-01 active RFID personnel tag operates in the 2.45 GHz band, which can be worn or mounted on vehicle windshield, widely used in school & office/factory workers management and positioning. Product Details
Active 2.4GHz Small Asset Tag RP2L08-200 Call for Pricing The RP2L08-200 tag has a small form factor with a flanged enclosure that can easily be fixed to various types of assets. Product Details
Pick-To-Light RFID TAG RP2L08-AL0 Call for Pricing Using pick-to-light RFID tag for locating and picking inventory or assets is a proven method of improving productivity, including reduced time-to-pick and better picking accuracy. Product Details
Active 2.4GHz Secure Wristband Tag RP2L08-AS0 Call for Pricing This tag allows secure, safe and tamper resistant tracking of a person. If the wristband is opened, the tag?s circuit can detect it and send out an alert message. Product Details
Active 2.4GHz Personnel Tag RP2L08-C00 Call for Pricing RapidACCESS?s Active TAG R2PL08-C00 is suitable for people tracking outdoor and indoor. The TAG enclosure is waterproof and card shaped. Product Details

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Results 1 - 8 of 8
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