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Active 2.4GHz Secure Wristband Tag
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Active 2.4GHz Secure Wristband Tag

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This tag allows secure, safe and tamper resistant tracking of a person. The tag is in the form of a comfortable wristband with an ultra low power radio transmitter. The radio will transmit its unique ID in regular intervals. This allows the estimation of an approximate position of the tag and its carrier as well as providing a record of movements.

If the wristband is opened, the tag’s circuit can detect it and send out an alert message. Likewise, if someone attempts to destroy the tag or move the tag outside the range of the RFID readers, it can be detected if such tampering attempt is taking place.
Whenever the tag has been fitted to a person, it cannot be removed without triggering alert message. The wristband tag is designed to make it impossible remove it without detection. RP2L08-AS0 has a rugged IP65 grade enclosure with a durable rubber band.

System security
Just as important as the tag’s own tamper-proofing is the overall system security.
RapidACCESS secure active readers provide unique identifiers which are factory programmed and cannot be tampered with. Hence the system can ensure that all its readers are working normally.?

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