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Active 2.4GHz Reader Writer
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Active 2.4GHz Reader Writer

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RA2M07-Sx0-Active-RFID-Reader-Writer-02The RapidACCESS RA2M07-Sx0 is an active RFID reader with operating frequency of 2.45GHz. It can be used for tracking people, vehicles, assets, as well as to read out sensor data from multiple remote sensors.

The RA2M07-Sx0 can acquire information from up to 300 tags per second.? The RA2M07-Sx0 comprises of en electronics unit and an antenna unit. Options are provided for indoor and outdoor usage.
Multiple antenna options are available for the RA2M07-Sx0, making it possible to define zones and sectors. Antennas with circular polarisation are recommended for cases when the orientation of tags cannot be controlled and high performance is required.

The RA2M07-Sx0 is available with different types of physical interfaces, including LAN, Bluetooth™, RS232, RS422 and USB.?
The Ethernet interface makes it possible to connect several RA2M07-Sx0 in a network to cover a larger area, multiple gates, or a perimeter. The Power over Ethernet (PoE) option reduces installation and maintenance cost.


  • Wireless identification and sensor network access point
  • Long range (up to 125m in open space)
  • Robust air protocol
  • A variety of tag and sensor options
  • Works in the licence free ISM band
  • Low output power for minimised interference
  • A variety of interface options
  • A variety of antennas with different characteristics


  • Asset security
  • Gate access control
  • Asset tracking
  • Personnel tracking
  • Theft prevention/deterrence
  • Zone and perimeter control
  • Workplace safety
  • Environmental control
  • Temperature monitoring applications
  • Sensor monitoring applications
  • Sensor logging applications

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