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Impinj Speedway Revolution with AutoPilot
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Impinj Speedway Revolution with AutoPilot

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ImpinjLogoThe Impinj Speedway? Revolution RFID Reader benefits from a systems perspective that is unique in the industry. Only Impinj has brought together reader, tag chip, and antenna expertise to solve the industry’s toughest RFID challenges. These challenges include solving the liquids and metals tagging problem, the extension of UHF Gen 2 to the item level, and our pioneering of UHF near-field operations to make possible a single RFID infrastructure.

Senses, Configures, Adapts—24/7

RF interference, tag quantity, ambient RF noise, and even building materials near an RFID installation all affect system performance. Most users configure their readers for worst case scenarios, often compromising best performance in the process. With the Speedway Revolution’s Autopilot, innovative firmware features work together, automatically optimizing the reader operation to its environment—delivering peak performance at all times.

  • Autoset continuously optimizes the reader’s configuration for the best, most reliable performance. The Speedway Revolution senses levels of RF noise and interference, automatically selecting the appropriate settings.
  • Low duty cycle reduces RF interference, power consumption, and energy costs. The Speedway Revolution only transmits when tags are in the field, helping to clear the air of unnecessary RF noise.
  • Dynamic antenna switching improves throughput and helps the reader work more efficiently. Speedway Revolution senses where tags are in the field and automatically focuses more time on the antennas with the largest tag populations in view. For example, if a low-height pallet follows taller pallets through a portal, the Speedway Revolution reduces time spent on antennas in the upper positions.

And the Speedway Revolution improves upon the advanced hardware capabilities which made the original Speedway the reader of choice for many demanding customers—capabilities such as best receive sensitivity, interference rejection, and item-level carrier cancellation.

Speedway Revolution’s unparalleled flexibility is essential to fully exploit the power of the UHF Gen 2 protocol, which allows an unlimited number of reader transmit and receive modes, each of which might generate a different combination of commands, data rates, modulation formats, and backscatter types. That’s asking quite a lot of a reader—and it must be up to the task.

Additionally, the Speedway Revolution reader delivers robust performance in dense-reader environments, the flexibility to read at the case, pallet, or item level, and more. Combined with an extensible architecture that supports seamless integration of field-upgradeable, third party application software, the Speedway Revolution reader is the most adaptable reader solution available.

Product Features

Protocols ePCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C
Certification Certified for conformance and interoperability in Dense Reader mode environments
Operating Frequencies 865 mHz - 956 mHz
Antennas 4 high performance mono-static antenna ports with reverse gender tnC connectors enable near-field (item level) and far-field (case and pallet) applications
RF Power +30 dbm / +32.5 dbm with extended length cables
Sensitivity -80 dbm
Protocols EPCglobal low level Reader Protocol (llRP) 1.0.1
Impinj Mach1
Discovery Zero Configuration networking (multicast Dns and Dns service Discovery)
Processor Intel IXP420 (266 mHz)
Operating System Linux
Memory 64 mb sDRam / 64 mb Flash
Serial: Rs-232 Console (Db9)
Connectivity Ethernet: 10/100 base-t ethernet (RJ45)
Serial: Rs-232 Console (Db9)
Network Services DHCP, LLA, NTP, HTTP, telnet, SSH, SNMP, mDNS, DNS-SD
GPIO 4 input and 8 output (Db25)
Dimensions 22.7 x 32.4 x 5.7 cm (8.95 in x 12.75 in x 2.25 in)
Weight 2.7 kg (6 lbs)
Operating Temperature -20?C to 55?C
Storage Temperature -20?C to 85?C
Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Sealing IP54

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