HF Long Range System
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HF Long Range System

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RIFIDI™ RapidACCESS™ 13.56Mhz system allows reading & writing of tags/inlays at very long range (up to 10m) and process accurately goods, vehicles or persons passing at high speed (up to 100Kph).

RIFIDI™ 13.56MHz durable Inlays (not an exhaustive list)

The inlays are specifically designed to be insensitive to the environment they operate in. They can be easily embedded, injected into or affixed to products and for ultimate flexibility, they come in a wide variety of size, shapes and forms based upon customer requirements or as part of our turnkey solutions.

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RFDAG-01 Inlay
RFDAG-02 Inlay
RFDAG-03 Inlay

Key Features


Passive Tags Batteryless, tags receive energy solely from the RF field supplied by the reader. This enables ultra-thin and ultra-light tags at a low cost as well as various shapes and sizes to better suit customer specifications
Various memory sizesdepending on the chip Data is stored on the tag instead of in a networked database. This ensures speed in capturing data for a faster processing and it reduces data latency. More people or goods are processed quickly and accurately
Read/write capabilities It allows to add and modify data on the tag in real time to accommodate business changes as they occur. Tags can be re-programmed on-the-fly and re-used depending on the lifetime applications, thus providing a total cost of ownership advantage
1D, 2D and 3D orientation Tags can be read in any position and there is no need for a particular orientation. This provides a high level of data integrity
Advanced anticollision algorithm Multiple tags can be read simultaneously allowing tracking of multiple items at the same time in an automated process
Compatibility RFID chips from multiple vendors can be integrated into tags and be read by RIFIDI HF readers and antennas. This ensures interoperability between different RFID components at customers sites. Tags also comply with CE standards and the ERC-70-03 and ETSI 300-330 recommended norms currently in force
Robust assembly of the RFID chip and the antenna The single wire antenna allows Tags to be mounted on various substrates and to be printed or injected into products. This prevents damage to chip or coil and allows Tags to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, shock and various other environmental conditions

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RIFIDI™ 13.56 Long Range Readers

Operating at a frequency of 13.56 MHz, RIFIDI 13.56 Long Range Reader is specifically designed to meet topnotch requirements that are in use in the most demanding industrial applications: very long distance, 3D and large volume detection (up to 60m?), resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

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RFD1356-LR1 RFD1356-LR2

Key Features


High-speed protocol Read/write operations are fast and the high-speed protocol enables the RIFIDI Long Range Reader to process accurately goods, vehicles or persons passing at high speed (up to 100Kph) in the read zone. Moreover, data on the tags can be modified in real time to accommodate business changes as they occur
Very long distance
Combined with RIFIDI 13.56 tags and antennas, this reader allows items to be identified or tracked when located at a distance of up to 10 meters from the reader. This enables less readers and antennas to be deployed on site and this provides a wide array of industrial applications by removing the detection distance barrier
Advanced anticollision
Multiple simultaneous reading of tags allowing any single item to be identified when multiple tags are read at the same time. This feature is critical in supply chain logistics
RFID tags from multiple vendors can be read by the RIFIDI 13.56 Long Range Reader, ensuring interoperability between different RFID components at customer sites as well as independence of RFID suppliers
Adjustable RF Power The RF Power is automatically adjusted when the reader is used with the RIFIDI Interface Box to ensure efficient signal treatment when installed in industrial noisy environments

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RIFIDI™ 13.56 Handheld Readers

Operating at a frequency of 13.56 MHz, RIFIDI 13.56 Handheld RFID Reader is targeting all the manual operations that cannot be managed by a fully automated RFID process.

Easy to handle, it comes in a convenient housing to allow the operator to affix it to its belt for instance. The antenna is embedded into the bat and the latter smoothly vibrates every time an item is read.

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RFD1356-SR1 RFD1356-SR2

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RIFIDI™ 13.56Mhz Gate Antenna

RIFIDI 13.56 antennas are designed and manufactured to suit various customer applications: short or very long distance of detection (antenna width up to 10m), very large volume of detection (above 60m?), high speed detection (up to 100Kph), harsh environmental conditions.


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