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125/134KHz Passive Animal Tags
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125/134KHz Passive Animal Tags

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As commerce becomes increasingly global, the task of tracking and managing animals and food products becomes ever-more critical and challenging. Animals cannot be stacked and stored like other products. They may be transported over long distances, often mingling with others from different locations. And farm animals, zoo animals and household pets alike are all potential carriers of diseases that can threaten animal and human health and lives.

As with animals, tracking food products through processing and transport contributes to consumer health by identifying both product origins and possible problems in processing, handling, or transport. Aside from health concerns, tracking can also be critical for animals and food products that are particularly valuable or that require special protection. These can range from rare wines to family pets to breeding stock in zoos or on farms.

PT. RFID Indonesia provides a full range of specialized tags for use in managing farm, laboratory, exotic, and companion animals as well as high-value food products. Our
innovative products meet all applicable standards and regulations and are fully interoperable with other standardized components and systems.

PT. RFID Indonesia offers transponders designed to meet virtually any need including livestock animals of various sizes, pet identification, laboratory and exotic animals, and even fish. Transponders are incorporated into ear tags for combined visual/radio
frequency applications. Glass tags, sized from 4 x 34 mm for large animals like cattle to 2 x 10 mm for small animals like mice and snakes, can be safely and permanently
injected subcutaneously or embedded in a ceramic bolus permanently placed into an animal’s stomach. These ISO-compliant devices operate at 125/134.2 KHz and are available in read-only or one-time-programmable (OTP) configurations. Where appropriate, implanted transponders are coated to prevent migration.

PT. RFID Indonesia also provides transponders for tracking food products—animal carcasses, cheeses, and perishable produce.

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