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DS1004 BASIC-programmable Multi-port Controller
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DS1004 BASIC-programmable Multi-port Controller

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Featuring high-precision A/D and D/A channels, the DS1004 and DS1014 are ideally suited for measurement and control applications in the fields of building automation (think HVAC), process automation, lab work, etc.

The DS1004 offers the Ethernet interface only, while the DS1014 features Ethernet, as well as optional Wi-Fi and GPRS.

Unlike many "remote I/O" products, the capabilities of the DS1004 and DS1014 are not limited to just relaying I/O data to a central server. Programmability in Tibbo BASIC means you can create systems where intelligent decisions are taken in real-time by the device itself.

The capabilities of the DS1004 and DS1014 are further expanded by two low-power relays and one simple RS232/485 port. This port can be used for connecting an auxiliary serial device, a card or barcode reader, or even additional DS10xx devices.

The devices come preloaded with an open-source application for remote control/monitoring of the A/D, D/A, and relays through a web-browser or Tibbo's AggreGate device management system. This application can easily be customized for any functionality desired.


  • Interface sideIB1004 board:

    • 8 A/D inputs (24-bit resolution);
    • 4 D/A outputs (14-bit resolution, voltage/current outputs);
    • 2 low-power (1A/24VDC) relays;
    • 1 RS232/485 port;
    • 8 status LEDs.
  • Network sideNB1000 (DS1004) or NB1010 (DS1014) board:

    • Based on the EM1000 module (DS1004) or compatible with it (DS1014);
    • Optional GA1000 Wi-Fi add-on (DS1014 only);
    • Optional Telit GC864 GPRS modem (DS1014 only);
    • 10/100BaseT, auto-MDIX Ethernet port;
    • 1024KB flash for firmware, application, and data storage;
    • 2KB EEPROM for data storage;
    • RTC with backup supercapacitor;
    • Built-in buzzer;
    • 11 status LEDs;
    • Power: 10-18V;
    • Firmware is upgradeable through the serial port or network;
  • Dimensions: 91x104x99mm (excluding secondary cover).
  • Extruded-profile aluminum body.
  • IP68 compliant (when used with secondary cover).
  • Operating temperature -30 to +80 degrees C.
  • CE- and FCC-certified.

Included accessories:
Wi-Fi antenna (with DS1014G only)
GPRS antenna (with DS1014C and DS1014GC only)
DS1000 waterproof kit with secondary cover, cable glands, screws
DMK1000 DIN rail mounting kit
TB1004 test board
WAS-P0004 serial cable for firmware upgrades

Optional Accessories:
12V/1A adaptor: APR-P0008 (US), APR-P0009 (EU), APR-P0010 (UK)
WAS-1499 straight Ethernet cable (for this device can be used as crossover cable too)


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