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naviGO - Secure Windows Logon System
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naviGO - Secure Windows Logon System

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naviGO is the secure and convenient way to log on to Microsoft Windows using two-factor authentication through the use of an existing HID physical access cards and PIN.

Strong Authentication is now practical for ALL. naviGO is a cost-effective solution that simplifies deployment of strong authentication and manages the lifecycle of strong authentication user credentials including Crescendo smart cards (with digital certificates), iCLASS smart cards, Prox cards and Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA).

Built on Microsoft .NET, naviGO Server is the first credential management solution that is practical for both large and small organizations. No longer are organizations required to become experts in encryption and complicated security technology to effectively provide strong authentication to network infrastructure. Just as you do not expect your employees to become locksmiths to open a door, they should not need to become security experts to authenticate to computer systems. navigo_otd

  • Security eliminates passwords and replaces them with a dual authentication process using exiting HID access cards + PIN to log on to Windows.
  • Convenience works with existing physical access control cards: HID Prox, iClass and Crescendo cards.
  • Simple easy to install, administer and deploy software.
  • Cost efficient deployment, administration and use of model accelerates return on investment.

naviGO Features

  • Use existing physical access cards to log on to Microsoft Windows: HID Crescendo, iClass and Prox smart cards
  • Credential management system allow users to set up and manage access cards
  • Connects to IT system
  • Contains a knowledge-based authentication process if HID card is ever lost or stolen
  • Straightforward software that is easy to install for users and administrators

naviGO Advantages

  • Supports HID Prox, iClass, Crescendo and PKI smart cards for logical access. Cards can be mix and matched to create a risk appropriate security program for your organization
  • 2-Factor authentication to increase logical access security (using smart card +PIN)
  • Credential management systems allow users to set up and manage access cards
  • Designed to give IT professionals as much flexibility as possible in designing a logical access implementation
  • Modular architecture allows naviGO to address a small office with little IT infrastructure or large complex companies with higher security needs
  • No annual maintenance fees

naviGO Components

Omnikey Readers

  • CardMan 5325 Prox

?HID Cards

  • Prox
  • iClass

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