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RapidTAG Heat Resistant On Metal RFID Tag
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RapidTAG Heat Resistant On Metal RFID Tag

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The RapidTAG RTM4 UHF On Metal RFID tag is designed to survive any mounting condition and provide incredible read ranges in a relatively small tag. Using RapidACCESS™ readers, the RTM4 tag reads up to 2.5 meters (8') directly on metal (reader dependant). Each RTM4 tag includes a strong adhesive strip that sits firmly in place.

The RTM4 can be purchased? pre-programmed with your corporate asset ID series on the outside of the tag.

For larger assets requiring 8 meters (26') read ranges, please check our RTM15.?


  • Automotive Component Tracking
  • Pallet Tracking (Logistics)
  • IT Asset Management

  • RoHS Compliant
  • EPC Class 1 Gen 2
  • Direct Metal Mount
  • Up to 3 meters (10') read range?
  • Size 38mmx10mmx2.8mm (1.5"x0.4"x0.12")

  • Heat endurance 200?C (392?F) for 6 hours
  • Hot Oil chamber 200?C (392?F) for 6 hours
  • Humidity 85?C (185?F) @ 85% RH Humidity Test for 168 hours
  • Impact 100 drops free fall with 1 kg (2.2lb) iron ball from 1.5 meter (4.95')
  • IP68
  • 18 months warranty

  • Pre-programmed with your ID's
  • Visual Serial Label / Barcode

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