UHF Gen 2

The Gen2 protocol takes the best features of the Gen1 Class 1, Gen1 Class 2, and ISO protocols to make what promises to be a greatly improved standard. The Gen2 standard promises a number of much more sophisticated features than the Gen 1 protocols:

  • Global, open, interoperable standard: Gen2 incorporates the frequency and performance requirements for worldwide use.
  • Faster read rates: Gen2 promises read rates at up to 10 times faster than Gen 1 protocols.
  • Size: Chips are expected to be approximately 20% smaller than Gen1 chips.
  • High Reliability: Tags will have high read rates.
  • Dense reader operation: Mode for operation in dense reader environments
  • ‘Better’ read algorithms (Bit Mask Filtering):
    • Eliminates duplicate reads
    • Allows tags to enter reader field late and still be read
    • Allows tags to stay quiet until asked to talk – making it faster to find a specific tag
  • Kill Security: Tag security is enhanced with 32-bit password encryption and permanent kill capability.
  • Improved write capability: Write schemes enhance write speed function.
  • Memory: In addition to the required EPC data, there is optional memory to support user specific data.

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