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Confidex Ironside™ tag is an EPC Class 1 Gen 2 high performance transponder that works on metallic objects and in the most demanding conditions. It provides a totally new benchmark for low-cost passive UHF RFID tags in terms of both its size and durability.

Confidex' tough on-metal tag (IP68) can operate at temperatures ranging from -40?C to +100?C and withstand the intense mechanical stresses found in the petrochemical, automotive and maritime industries. Furthermore its passive UHF technology means it can be used in the aerospace industry to safely communicate with transported assets and components both on the ground and in the air.

When mounted onto metallic surfaces, either by using the industrial adhesive provided with the tag, or mechanically using sturdy pop rivets, Ironside has a read range of four to six meters. Even with such a long read range, Ironside is very compact, with dimensions of 52x46x10 mm (2.1x1.9x0.4 inches). The tag operates at frequencies between 865-868MHz or 902-928MHz.


  • Petrochemical, Automotive and Maritime Industry
    Reliable communication in demanding conditions with varying temperatures and mechanical stress are daily challenges for any component.

  • Aerospace
    A fully passive UHF solution enables safe way to remote communicate with transported assets and components on board and in ground handling.

  • Asset tracking
    Numerous asset tracking applications require a small tag size but several meters of read range. A long life-span of the Ironside makes the cost per use a profit gaining factor sooner than any other products. Ironside has passed the rigorous testing requirements for the Aerospace Standard AS5678 specification. It has been successfully used in tracking assets from steel pallets to train wagons.

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